Louise Dany






lead by Apichaya Wanthiang and Johnny Herbert

(Sun) Aug 20+27

(Sun) September 10+17






AUG 20:

Louise Dany

Neuberggata 5A

Oslo, Norway

Open Casket by Dana Schutz (aka Jet Magazine, aka Friday Moten Recording, aka A Brief Anthology of Quotations, aka Michael Brown)



Constellation 1:


  1. Jet Magazine September 15, 1955 (images on p.7 & 8 removed)
  2. Recording of Fred Moten’s talk—from 8’35”–30’50” in the recording—

at “Grammars of the Fugitive,” organised by Black Study Group (London), 2013.

(written transcription to come)

  1. Susan Sontag, ‘A Brief Anthology of Quotations,’ p.143-163 in On Photography, 1973.
  2. Fred Moten & Stefano Harney, Michael Brown, from boundary 2, November 2015.


Extra Material (not required reading):

- Pierre Macherey, ‘Implicit and Explicit.’

- Irit Rogoff, ‘Looking Away: Participations in Visual Culture.’

- Susan Sontag, Regarding the Pain of Others (chapters 4 & 5).



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