Louise Dany

03/2017 BAR International Symposium, BAR Project, Barcelona

02/2017 LD Reading Group, Studio17, Stavanger

02/2017 INCA: The Luminary & Temporary Art Review

Podcast by The Ventriloquist Radio

01/2017 LD & FRANK: To Do or Not to Be, Kurant, Tromsø


12/2016 SEXY BOYFRIENDS feat. Klara Ström

11/2016 Lobregat Balaguer / The Office of Culture and Design

10/2016 October Critique: Tobias-Alexander Danielsson

10/2016 ByFlimmer: Abbas Kiarostami's 'Koker Trilogy'

– curated by Sara Yazdani and Kaveh Tehrani

09/2016 UKS: RoamingApichaya Wanthiang

09/2016 UKS: RoamingBjarne Bare, Sigbjørn Bratlie

08/2016 INCA: Sondra PerryResident Evil Seminar

08/2016 August Critique: Julie Niemi

07/2016 July Critique: Pete Fleming





RESIDENCY : Hannah Mjølsnes and Miriam Hansen

NINE HERBS CHARM (Eric Kim, Saewon Oh, Hannah Mjølsnes, 9 specific plants)



(Sat) 11am - 6pm

Tea Ceremonies:

(Sun) 2-5pm





It it is now possible to book a shorter or longer stay in the apartment together with the artists and herbs with a maximum stay of one week. Stay-overs will include one-on-one tea ceremonies that help the development of the work.



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For the residency at Louise Dany the artists cultivate, live with and get to know the nine plants for the duration of 10 weeks.


The herbal garden is tended to by the artists every day and consumed in tea, one for each week. On Sundays the experiences are shared in a daytime tea ceremony and performative presentation.


Please be welcome to meet with all or any of the nine plants between now and mid-May. A final presentation will be open during the weekend of May 21 and 22, with an opening event on May 19 at 7pm.




Louise Dany

Neuberggata 5A

Oslo, Norway